Importance of Lighting In Different Aspects

We all know the fact that lighting serves as the important tool of guidance, we see things clearly through the light and through a lighting set up in our home, it helps us express our loves to our family, see others’ lovely faces and we can even participate activities.

Not only that, through the power of light, it has been the companion of every human on earth that would like to meditate and pray, light signifies communication. It also keeps us safe every night to any dangerous man who will forcedly enter our property.

Let us discuss more of the lighting importance in different aspects, to make it more profound.


A successful photographer knows how to play with the proper lighting set up with his subject on the photo. Lighting can manipulate one’s interpretation to the photo based on the lighting set up, if it’s too bright or dark. Taking photo without a flash can give you blurry images.


Based on “The 5 C’s of Cinematography” book written by a filmmaker Joseph V. Mascelli, he made it a point to remind everyone that film cannot exist without light. In film, bright lights signify cheerfulness and happiness while dark color lightings signify characters with dark intentions. Light in film affects the mood of its viewers, it’s the additional formula in the film why it becomes dramatic.

Aside from that, here below are some of the importance of lighting in film or in video production:

  1. It can determine the mood of the video
  2. It determines the quality of the project or the outcome
  3. Without a proper lighting, it requires you to spend more time to edit some scenes

In The Streets

Every car owner appreciates the effort of the government by installing street lights, these assist them especially at night to drive safely and prevent any accidents and economic loss. It is also used to facilitate the traffic flow during peak hours on the road.

For the meantime, here’s a quick preview of the psychology of light and color:


What it does: It enhances human metabolism, respiration rate and it is considered as the strongest and most attractive color among any other.


What it does: Most of the fashion consultants nowadays recommend blue to their clients because it embodies peace, tranquil and it absolutely causes your body to relax.


What it does: Compared to the entire light colors available, green is somewhat neutral and associated with nature. It has the calming effect on senses and mind you, green is often being used in commercial establishments because it represents growth as well as new beginnings.

Next time you’d like to decorate your home or office, take time to go back here in our site and read this article as your ultimate reference when it comes to lighting’s importance and the color you should use.

We should never ignore the impact of good quality of lighting, simply because we us it to every aspect in our lives.